What is ITOM?

Intelligence Built in

How does your organisation respond to a major P1? Is it a frantic attempt by Service Desk and Operations staff to log and escalate incidents and trawl through hundreds of out of date knowledge articles or network diagrams with little or no resolve? All the while your customers are receiving a degredated service and Senior Managers are at their wits end fighting fires?

We can turn the above scenario into an organised and stress free situation; with our ITOM solution you can identify and locate an issue with one click of a mouse’s button.

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ITOM’s Core Components

Your ITOM implementation can be made up of all, some or just one of the below core components. We can work on both greenfield or brownfield projects; don’t worry, we play nicely with others!


Get a full end to end view your IT environment; how things talk to each other, what they are, how they are used as well as keep your CMDB up to date in near real-time.

Service Mapping

Add deep understanding and more importantly, context to your business services by mapping them to your application offerings whilst gaining the true impact of an outage.

Event Management

Reduce thousands of events into meaningful alerts and log information rich incidents that are assigned to the right queue first time. You could even go one better and automate the resolution.


Gives you the power to predict the future and identify issues before they become outages by understanding your environment, learning from past events & applying machine learning and AI.

Cloud Management

Manage all of your cloud environments from one place; from billing to usage; prevention of cloud sprawl before it happens or wrestle back control of your existing cloud broker.


Your rocket ship to the moon! Use the orchestration core to automate your processes (from installing software via the portal to building complex virtual environments) & empower IT to innovate.

Why choose ITOM?

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Our latest whitepaper talks about the basics of ITOM and AIOps, what it is and what you need to implement it. It also includes some of our favourite tools required to achieve your vision. Download it today to see how the power of ITOM/AIOps can change your IT department forever!

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